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"Carrie is a Godsend. I sought her help for my first pageant and not only did she help make the entire experience a total blast but an extremely rewarding one. And I’m honored to share that under her guidance and support,  I won the title of Mrs. NH America 2016! Carrie’s experience, knowledge of the pageant system as a former title holder, herself, and her attention to detail throughout the entire process helped me feel a great deal of confidence the first time I stepped on stage. I would highly recommend Carrie as a pageant coach with her wealth of knowledge, but most of all, because of her enormous heart. She is one of the most supportive and community-focused people I know. She inspires me to give and grow and push myself past my comfort zone in all endeavors and has also become a life-long friend."

Amber Lilyestrom~

Mrs. NH America 2016

"The best part of pageant life is the amazing people you meet. Over the past year, Carrie Alex has become a friend and mentor to me. Her advice and wisdom have helped me prepare for competition and succeed in my role as a state titleholder. Carrie has opened doors for me to new experiences I never thought I would have. I am honored to call her sister."

Tonya Knightly~

Mrs. NH America 2014

Mrs. NH USA Universal 2015

"Carrie Alex has been a big support on my journey to the Miss USA stageas Miss NH USA 2015. She has helped me find sponsors, plan my send off party, and always kept me focused. Carrie is not only an incredible business woman, but a dear friend. I am very thankful for all of the love and support she has given me over the years. She helped to make this a year that I will remember forever. Thank you Carrie!"

Samantha Poirier~

Miss NH USA 2015

"When people ask me how pageants have changed my life, the first thing that pops into my head is my pageant coach Carrie Alex.  She is always inspiring me to do my own thing, whether it's in pageants or outside of it. She owns 2 magazines and still has time for everything else in her life. It makes me realize that even when I think I don't have the time or energy, I do. I will always have to find the time and energy to push on concur whatever is in my path because of Miss Carrie."

Savannah Carberry~

Miss NH High School America 2015

"Working with Carrie on pageant prep was a great experience. I was able to learn from both her personal experiences as a pageant queen as well as from her perspective as the publisher of Poise New England magazine. She provided a well laid out strategy for setting goals and timelines to prep for the pageant, and her feedback on each step of the preparations was great in helping me feel confident and ready going into the pageant. Carrie has such a warm personality, and she genuinely cares about inspiring others and helping them achieve their dreams. I highly recommend talking to her as part of the preparation process for your next pageant."

Kristen Crawford~

Ambassador of America Women 2017

"Carrie Alex is nothing short of amazing to work with! Carrie helped me prepare for my first ever pageant and worked with me on every aspect. In our initial meeting she gave me background on the pageant organization I had chosen and then customized a plan to help me best prepare. She helped on everything you can possibly imagine- from the photo shoot for my headshots (including makeup and wardrobe selection), helping me choose my wardrobe for the pageant (she was there for my gown shopping!), interview prep, coaching on walking, skin care, and even who to work with for alternations. Carrie is well networked and knows who are the best in the industry to work with! She was super responsive to every question I had. I had an amazing experience during the pageant in great part because I felt so prepared and even placed 1st runner up in my first pageant! Thank you Carrie for all your help- you are the best!"

Shauna Norris~

1st Runner Up Mrs. NH America 2017

"I am so thankful to have met Carrie Alex, she is amazing! She helped prepare me for my very first pageant and I have been hooked ever since.  Her guidance, knowledge, and support has been extremely helpful in my pageant career and I would recommend her to anyone!"

Leah Soloperto~

Miss NH United States 2015

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